The emotion of a portrait.
Will it have a place in your heart?

I spend a lot of time, on a few great images.
Until every image I capture,
enhances each life that it captures.
You might view it often,
or you may view it rarely.
But you will always feel it.
This is my signature,
and it means everything.
– Michael Novo

A small but passionate group of photographers

A New Dimension to Photography

This is the page where I am supposed to list my awards and one of those serious photographs of myself holding a camera to establish credibility and show you how serious I am about what I do.

But Instead…

I would like to introduce you to one of my most patient models, Sushi.  He has allowed me countless hours of lighting practice and composition theory all in exchange for the occasional head scratch.

Image captured during Paris Fashion my living room.
(hat not included)

And To Also Introduce…

Studio Manager Erica Watson!  She’s the woman behind the curtain who makes the magic happen and make sure we know where to point our lenses.

And Of Course…

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my friends and family who have supported me through this journey.  Mom, Dad, Jenny, Boris, Brian, Geno and Mike.

Real people, not paid actors.