Wedding Photography Questions and Answers

What is your style?

The very simple answer to that is I try to capture “You”.  Each person…each couple has something that makes them unique.  It’s my passion to get to know my clients and tailor each session to their personality.  There are studios that operate under a “one size fits all” mentality and I would put myself as being far from it.

Do we get edited digitals?

Yes.  All images undergo a manual correction and edit.  In addition to that a select number of images receive a more specialized edit and are worthy of being wall art for your home.  You have the option of having us create gorgeous handmade albums and prints for you or doing them yourself.

Can we provide a shot list?

Aside from a formals shot list and some ideas that we can work on together, I prefer that you didn’t. It’s important for me to know your relatives that are attending or any other special events that are happening, however excessive requests for various formal shots outside of our schedule is counterproductive to the work that you see in the portfolio and would be hiring me for.

Where are you located? What if you’re far?

My studio is located in the city of Chicago. I welcome you to set up a time and stop by to see the place! Travel is a possibility to almost any part of the world you can think of and something that I do on a regular basis.

Do you work with an assistant?

In short, yes. Every photo session is different. I make sure to have the right person with me either as an assistant or an additional photographer.

Can we get the unedited RAW digitals?

No, these images are not available. Asking for RAW or unedited images is like going to a restaurant and ordering a dish with just the raw ingredients. But you have my assurance that I do not exclude images unless necessary such as folks blinking, lighting tests or other imperfections.

Do you offer packages or ‘a la carte’?

Both. You can create your own collection or just select one or two parts that are important to you. I’m happy to create your ideal photography package.

What kind of equipment do you use?

It’s always the right gear for the job. While the equipment isn’t as important as the lighting, composition, execution and ideas behind the images, we use top of the line Nikon and Canon gear with plenty of backups.

Are you insured?

Yes of course! Proof of insurance can be provided to your venue with advance notice.