Dudoir Session at Boutique Photo Loft

Dudoir Portrait

My first ever “dudoir” or “dudeoir” boudoir session came just weeks before Kenny and Jenna’s wedding in Napa.  He reached out and said “I want to make a gift for Jenna of a dudoir session, you think we can do it?”  There’s no way I could miss this opportunity and we got straight to work.Read More

Regan – Chicago Boudoir Photography

My focus is on one thing…high fashion portraiture. The goal is to make something unique and flavorful for each client. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding or a portrait session, the goal is still the same in terms of capturing the personality of the person and creating something fresh and different. So this week we bring you Regan with her soulful and sultry boudoir portrait session!

Regan has a dance background and wanted to do something different and non-dance related. We got together and discussed several ideas, outfits and the idea of what she wanted to see in her final images. And as many sessions go we got a combination of things we had planned such as her with her boyfriends wardrobe and some things we did not expect such as climbing into a glass shower to wrap up the session.

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