Chicago South Pond Engagement // Kasia and Sebastian

Studio Gang South Pond Engagement Photography

Almost famous in its own way, the Chicago South Pond in Lincoln Park is perfect for engagement photography.  It’s not uncommon to see at least a dozen or more photographers and future newlyweds wandering the area on a pleasant weekend.  This iconic spot is the perfect merger of Chicago skyline and the beautiful greens of nature.

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South Pond Engagement in Lincoln Park // Dani + Tom

Ahh the good ole’ South Pond at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The one thing that can be said about this location is that it’s a magnetic destination for engaged couples wanting to capture their photos! And who can blame them!? The South Pond location provides a splendid combination of city and nature. You can be paddling around the pond in a boat for two, surrounded by a lot of greenery and have a great view of the city off in the background.

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South Pond Engagement // Tanya + Sarah

Self proclaimed princess Tanya and rock star drummer Sarah took over the southern bridge leading to the Lincoln Park Zoo for their South Pond engagement session! When I say that we took over, I mean that we pretty much controlled the middle of the bridge for quite some time. Setting up a drum set, backdrop and lights was no easy job, however with five of us working as fast as possible the setup, shoot and tear down went just about as smoothly as it could.

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