When you want to do a shoot but not boudoir, a glamour portrait session may be just right for you.  Svetlana and I have known each other for years and one day she posted a photo of her purple hair.  When I saw it, I responded “we must shoot!” and we began planning right away.

Svetlana wasn’t looking for a full on boudoir session but also wanted something different in her glamour portrait session.  With her hair style and color it had to be something with a bit of pop and grit.  We decided to start on the west side of Chicago near the trendy yet industrial Fulton Market.  With quite a few outfits and not a lot of time, we got right into the shoot.

Our journey took us from the west side to Lake Street and then finally to Chinatown for a different view of the skyline.  Between each stop, Svetlana changed outfits so as to have a variety of different looks and feels.  And yes, towards the end you’ll notice the mound of rocks she’s standing on wearing heels is all real.  To see more photos visit the gallery here or see other glamour sessions.

Unique white dress west side Chicago glamour

Rail yard glamour portrait in white dress

Red skirt glamour portrait southside of Chicago

Red skirt glamour portrait

Portrait under the El on Lake Street

Lake Street Chicago rocker portrait

Dominatrix glamour shoot Chinatown Chicago

Black corset sexy dominatrix

Pinup glamour portrait of dominatrix

Psycho But Cute But Psycho

Cute psycho jumping portrait