Star Wars Engagement // Katie + Paul

Well we’ve got a doozy for you this week and that doozy is a Star Wars Engagement – A Turn To The Dark Side!  Katie and Paul fancy themselves as connoisseurs of all things comic book, Harry Potter and of course Star Wars!  As the planning began of their engagement session and they said to me, “since you do a lot of themed shoots, what if we did a Star Wars engagement shoot?”  And even though I haven’t been a die hard fan of Star Wars, I certainly am now!  The thing that we all wanted to avoid was just grabbing a couple lightsabers and just going straight into a fight scene.  Like any movie, there had to be some sort of story.Read More

Chicago Riverfront Wedding // Czarina + Maksym

Czarina and Maksym are one of those couples that still acts sometimes a bit reserved around one another even though they’ve been together for some time. Maksym will tell you that when he proposed to Czarina (with her family present) that he was mostly cool calm and collected. Czarina in turn will smile when she hears this and have her own point of view on the story.

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Chicago Cultural Center Engagement // Ashley + Kyle

Chicago Cultural Center Engagement

One of my personal favorite gems to head to is the Chicago Cultural Center for shoots. And really you can capture images of just about anything there including the venue itself, high fashion portraits or even some quirky fun photos turn out great! Ashley and Kyle currently reside in St. Louis and one of the things that they wanted to make sure we did was to get a bit of Chicago in their engagement photos because we won’t have the opportunity to head into the city on their wedding day.

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Rosemont Wedding // Bari + Scott

There’s nothing like having a wedding during winter break if you’re a teacher which both Bari and Scott are! In fact that’s how they met. Scott told me that he knew from the first moment he saw Bari that she was the one. Bari on the other hand took a bit more time than Scott but ultimately they ended up together!

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South Pond Engagement in Lincoln Park // Dani + Tom

Ahh the good ole’ South Pond at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The one thing that can be said about this location is that it’s a magnetic destination for engaged couples wanting to capture their photos! And who can blame them!? The South Pond location provides a splendid combination of city and nature. You can be paddling around the pond in a boat for two, surrounded by a lot of greenery and have a great view of the city off in the background.

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Chicago Riverside Vintage Engagement // Gricel + Edgar

As has been popular with a number of sessions that we’ve shot over the last couple years, Gricel and Edgar hopped on board with doing a “themed” engagement session featuring vintage cars. Let’s start off by talking about what a “themed” shoot is. Typically it’s one that tells a story and has a cohesive feel from start to finish. The ideas are countless and as I get to know each person that comes into the studio, the ideas typically spring from there.

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Wyndham Grand Chicago Wedding // Sarah + Tanya

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Their engagement session flew by and the same went for the wedding of Sarah and Tanya!  This time we left the drum set at home and instead grabbed our bouquets and hit the streets of Chicago!  Our day began and ended at the Wyndham Grand Chicago.  Normally when I got up to the bridal suite, I get photos of the details.  And one of the first details I noticed was a humorous little set of cards with some sound marital advice.  (See the first image below)

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Victoria In The Park Wedding // Monika and Jakub

This was possibly our most ambitious wedding in terms of travel.  Monika and Jakub were getting married near the loop in Chicago, but wanted to get their portraits done at St. Mary’s of the Lake in Mundelein.  It would have been doable with the amount of time we had allocated and the party trolley was in full swing.  But a massive set of thunderstorms that came through after their ceremony, quite literally rained on our parade.  Having just done a commercial shoot at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, I grabbed the phone and called a few people that I had met during my shoot.  They were kind enough to allow us in for a few portraits out of the rain.  And after a brief shoot indoors, we met back up with the bridal party waiting outside.

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